Sam Kramer

Sam Kramer (NL)

A band that delivers a wonderful night of U2. From the biggest hits to the lesser known pearls, everything is being played to perfection. Great band with fun dudes!

Michel Kwist

Michel Kwist (NL)

Mount Temple recently played inside of the packed "The Moonshine" located in Sliedrecht and turned the place upside down. It's worth the time to visit their performances.

Swingie van Wingerden

Swingie van Wingerden (NL)

Having Mount Temple in Dordt Rocks was exactly what we were looking for! A perfect U2 tribute as a U2 tribute should be! They are not BAD , they are the Sweetest Thing! Maybe even better then......uh.....hahaha! πŸ˜‰ x swingie

Debby Young

Debbie Young (UK)

Wow!! Awesome performance, awesome crowd. I will follow!!

Nickey Spiering

Nickey Spiering (NL)

I can't really compare Mount Temple to U2, because I don't listen to U2 at home that much. Even if I'm not a U2 fan I find it fantastic to see how they manage to entertain their audience and how well they play together as a group.

Vincent Kearns

Vincent Kearns (IRL)

A young bono who knows how to bring the u2 tribe together with his amazing voice and 3 amazing guys backing him up with amazing sound

Sandra van Deursen

Sandra van Deursen (NL)

Best Bono (Peter) ever and The Band is great!

Rob Ziere

Rob Ziere (NL)

I have seen this band grow from the upteemth U2 tribute band to what they have become now, they're seriously one of the top tributes in the world. Every member of the band excels in their own role, and that is without a doubt an important attribute to have. What really makes them stand out is that they play together as a band flawlessly and that the spark of their enthusiasm for the biggest U2 classics makes their audience swing to the music.

Ellen Naaijkens Sigterman

Ellen Naaijkens Sigterman (NL)

I've seen the band perform quite a few times already and since the recent addition of the new singer the band has felt more complete than ever. What a great band to look at, it's a lot of fun to watch them on stage They produce a great sound. I'm also kind of proud The Edge (Robert) is a friend of ours, haha.

Paul van der Wees

Paul van der Wees (NL)

Recovering from a great afterparty with a great set played by the Mount Temple guys after the copenhagen show .... Highly recommended to come to one of their gigs next week. πŸ˜€

Mariana Castro

mariana castro (NO)

Fantastic performance by December and Mount Temple last night. Can’t wait to see them again next weekend.

Gerda van der Hurk

Gerda van der Hurk (NL)

The After party with Mount Temple. Wow what a party. The whole place was turned upside down. Awesome! 😁🎸🎀

Evey Sully

Evey Sully (IRL)

A band who have grown fast from Innocence to Experience.. played their hearts out in Amsterdam after U2 2018 and they rocked those aftershows 😎

Sherry C Green

Sherry C. Green (CAN)

"OMG that bono is sexy AF!, Love his prowling around and digging those high-noted β€œwide awakes”!!"

Andy Wright

Andy Wright (UK)

Mount Temple capture the energy and passion of U2’s live performance. Robert (The Edge) creates the unmistakable guitar sound and his solo in Bullet The Blue Sky is truly epic. These guys play all the hits as well as songs even U2 rarely play. Having seen U2 live more than 100 times, I can speak from experience that the Mount Temple guys deliver a first rate show πŸ’ͺ 🎸 🎡 πŸ₯ 🎀


Sylvia (NL)

When I walked in the corridor I thought that a CD had been put on to get in the mood but when I arrived Peter was already singing! It was already said by Swingie, Peter's voice is very close to that of Bono. .... and that seems when I thought their cd was on haha Well done and keep it up. I am a fan! of your Tribute Band since Dordt Rocks πŸ‘ I was brought back to 1987..... to a swirling Kuip.