Moonshine Sliedrecht

Last year Mount Temple stood in the Moonshine for a great tribute to one of the worlds greatest bands of all time. In a fully loaded place the roof got blown off by a large number of U2 hits that was also special for the band. After this performance, everything kicked off for Mount Temple where a new “Bono” was chosen to help the band grow more than ever before. With Peter van den Heuvel (The Wave) as the new frontman the band dived right into the rehearsal room and started working on Mount Temple 2.0. The feel of the Irish masters stayed and is improved upon where Peter knows how to get the audience involved.

The feeling of being part of an actual U2 concert is more probable when the early hits such as I Will Follow and Eletric Co play through the speakers. Legendary stadiumhits such as Where The Streets Have No Name, Bad and Sunday Bloody Sunday are being played together with unknown tracks such as Exit and In Gods Country in a show that will definitely speak to “true” U2 fans. Mount Temple's setlist is a journey through the wide variety of music U2 has made where the new sound is also played such as The Miracle of Joey Ramone.

They already stood in De Vorstin-Hilversum, Het Blok-Nieuwerkerk, Nirwana-Lierop en on the official U2 afterparties after U2's concerts in the Ziggodome. Now they're coming back to The Moonshine to put the bar of last year even higher during an outstanding night of U2 in Mount Temple's format.

Amsterdam Afterparties 2018

October 7th and 8th 2018 U2 visited the capitol of the Netherlands to play two memorable shows at the Ziggo dome. In 2017 Mount Temple played two afterparties at a location very near to the venue where our Irish heroes played at the time for their Joshua Tree tour.

ofcourse there had to be some sort of festivities this year aswell to welcome the thousands of U2 fans that would be in Amsterdam during and after the U2 gigs.

as there are no regular venues around we had to find a place where we could throw a party where we could play loud, party late and welcome the U2 community for an event they won't soon forget.

The venue we played last year wasn't available so we needed to find another fast! it took about two phonecalls to set it up at the Febo Boulevard wich normally is a restaurant/bar.

At the first night our dear friends Scott, Ails and Paul aka December from Scotland did a great job warming up the U2 crowd after the U2 gig. The music they make is very much inspired by U2 and they played a bunch of U2 covers but just a bit different. Scott's rhytmic guitarsounds combined with a bassdrum to set the pace and Paul's moody athmospheric guitar landscapes are a perfect base for Ails's beautiful voice.

After about 45 minutes we had to hussle to get the gear set up and 15 minutes later we could go on stage to rock the U2 fans!

Let me tell you, the fans were ready to party! although not completely filled the bar was jumping and singing to all the U2 classics. We had to dedicate the song Bad to our good friend Vincent Kearns who has to be the biggest U2 fan on the planet and the nicest guy you will ever meet. He joined us on stage for a minute and really seemed to appreciate it. What a night to remember.. i wonder if night two could be just as good!?

The second day December played an afternoon show before the U2 concerts and the place was packed. The people really could enjoy the beautiful songs December performed for over an hour.

Time for the afterparty... well, sort off! First we had to enjoy the U2 show for ourselfs! Having enjoyed a perfect U2 concert we ran to the Febo for our own set. Everything and everyone was ready!

People started passing by the venue and with about 15 people inside we just started opening the set with Streets and our Edge even walked outsie to let people know there was a party going on! well, that helped!! By the end of the second song the place was steaming, jumping and singing every song at the top of their voices.

Now, this was more than we could ever have hoped for. I said it before and i'll say it again and again, The U2 community is the best group of people known to man!! And they know how to party.

As a little surprise for one of our Iris guests (Evey) we played a snippet of Party Girl before ripping into I Will Follow and we let Irish U2 tribute Joshua Tree's guitarist Michael Kearns play Desire with us.

Let's all hope that U2 will be touring again soon and we can do this all over again but if it not soon enough for you all, we will be playing everywhere! Join us and let's party!

Kindness in Denmark (the story of the Danes, the Dutch and the Scots)

The owner of the Dubliner pub in Copenhagen is a Scottish guy called Gus. 20 years ago he left his home to tour Europe, took some huge risks and ended up succeeding in his chosen field. Sound familiar?

His story surely meant that when a group of U2 fans from Denmark, Holland and Scotland came calling to ask if he would host a U2 fan aftershow event that he didn’t think twice.

Danish U2 fans Connie Marie Westergaard and Inger Jensen organised the weekend fan events with precision and grace (Connie also ran the GA line by the way! She says she will sleep sometime soon.) Mount Temple, U2 tribute band from Holland and December, a U2 inspired band from Scotland were invited to play and travelled to pay tribute to four Irish boys whose music has inspired us and caused us to lift our eyes and our hopes.

The Dubliner was the right venue. A traditional Irish pub in the heart of Copenhagen but we might as well have been in Temple bar. The welcome was warm, hands extended and friendships made or renewed as travelling fans came from the arena to the party. Everyone hoping they were tough enough to be kind.

December opened the show with their brand of U2 inspired originals and covers. The first U2 song they played was Rejoice from October. The amazing thing about U2 songs is how current they remain even after 30 plus years. Totally fresh and challenging. We all still want to change the world - in ourselves and everywhere else right? December try to bring something new and fresh to their U2 covers and their commitment and passion was on full display to the jam packed venue. Finishing with their song Alison Stewart, written as a thank you to U2 in 2015 a la Eric Church’s Springsteen, the band spoke of U2’s inspiration and example and the need to say what you believe and to hold nothing back.

Mount Temple stormed onto the stage. This band had driven 1100 kilometres to make this gig but you’d never have known from their energy and passion. Opening with Streets (the first time this reviewer had seen that opening a show since summer 1987) Mount Temple played an amazing set of U2 classics from One to I will follow to Vertigo. They even took a request and played Bad before finishing with 40. The crowd was amazing, engaging throughout with the band and singing their hearts out.

There was a lot of emotion in the playing tonight and you could not miss the obvious love of December and Mount Temple for U2 and their music. It felt like more than a tribute show; it felt like a celebration of U2 and their community and of a plan which had been hatched by the Danes, the Dutch and the Scots 8 months before. It was like a song of kindness and grace

De Paap The Hague

De Paap in The Hague was Mount Temple's stage on the 24th of August where they have delivered true U2 music. After a somewhat slow start Peter (Bono) managed to get the audience to break out of their shell and transformed the floor infront of them into a dancefloor. All songs were being sung by everyone infront of the stage and the floor nearly cracked because of the jumping fans.

Muza Dinteloord

Dinteloord's yearly festival, Muza, has had their recent 65th edition. "In all these years a lot of good artists have come around. Gerard Joling to Alice Deejay and George Baker to Pater Moeskroen. A big diversity of artists and performances has brought us from a stage on a creek to a tent on Raadhuisplein to where we are now; the docks of Dinteloord.", is what chairman Pieter Vlamings says. The most important things that are being looked at for this festival are two things: Music and sociability.

The program for the event that lasts three days is put together with a lot of passion. "Like every year we again, in cooperation with Eetcafé Havenzicht, have done our absolute best to get artists playing that suits everybody's needs and transform Havenplein into a big party for three days." On thursday, the band from Steenbergen "Zero Friction" enters the stage. "These 'Steenbergenaren' are specialists in Rock 'N Roll music", says the organization. U2 Tribute - Mount Temple puts the icing on the cake. "With their U2 tribute they will be able to entertain the audience from Dinteloord with ease. The sound and looks are nearly identical to the real U2."